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SEGA / MEGA DRIVE Edition 2 Miniatures (Gashapon - TakaraTomy)

SEGA / MEGA DRIVE Edition 2 Miniatures (Gashapon - TakaraTomy)

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The 2nd miniature figure modeled on the 1/6 scale of the home video game console "Mega Drive" series. It was released again in conjunction with the release of "Mega Drive Mini 2", and the titles of the games in the included cartridge is different. The included cartridge and MEGA-CD can be inserted or stored in various main bodies. The size is approximately 1.8-7.6cm.

The lineup includes 4 types:

  • Mega Drive
  • Mega Drive 2
  • Mega CD
  • Mega CD 2

*Note : although the workmanship of these are so detailed, we noticed some minor 'flaws' (eg. fittings slightly loose) etc. Moreover, these are toys and are not 'New'. Do purchase with caution. Does not come with capsule.