Note :- This page is set up only for cameras purchased from us.
For film camera repairs in Singapore only.
*Do note that we are only able to repair film cameras (excluding Polaroids).
Unfortunately, some cameras may be beyond our capability for repairs, 
so hope you understand if we reject any repair request.
The usual cost range from $50~$100.

For more professional services, we'd recommend visiting :-

Instructions :-
  1. Fill the form below and wait for reply email or message for estimate cost.
  2. If agreeable, send camera to : The Panic Room SG, 311A Geylang Road, Singapore 389350
  3. Note : Acknowledgement of receipt will only be sent digitally through email. (if you're worried, take a photo and tag us on instagram :D @8storeytree)
  4. Repairs will usually take 1-2 weeks depending on the situation.
  5. In the event that repairs are more than quoted price, email and/or message will be sent again for acknowledgement before proceeding.
  6. In the event that repairs are not possible, no cost will be charged.
  7. Repairs may include minor CLA. 
  8. *sometimes, our reply email may appear in the 'spam' folder.

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