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CatLABS X Film 320 Black & White 120 Film

CatLABS X Film 320 Black & White 120 Film

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CatLABS X 320 ISO Pro Film is a classic, medium-speed film, designed for a wide array of shooting conditions available in 35mm (36exp) and 120 roll film.


• An ideal “street film”, offering versatility and unique characteristics

• Following in the footsteps of some classic historic films, CatLABS X FILM 320 Pro is characterized by its distinct grain quality, contrast and tonal range, not found with other currently available films

• Produces unique deep grey tones with an almost silvery/metallic look

• Suitable for low light or available light conditions

• Exhibits a wide exposure latitude under various lighting conditions

• For best results rate it at 200 ISO when shooting outdoors under bright sunlight. Push it as high as 1600 when shooting under artificial/low light conditions

• Non DX

Sample photos by:
Rodolfo Rivera (@drtunaking)
Scott Marlin (@dscottmartin)


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