JP's Ami 66 (WZFO) – Variant 2

The Ami  are toy viewfinder cameras made of plastic by the Polish firm Warszawskie Zakłady Fotooptyczne (WZFO) around 1960.

Although released later, it wasn’t an ‘improvement’ of the Ami 2. It was more of an improvement on the original Ami camera. The Ami 66 had a circle of fake photocells in front of the lens. The lens is again similiar to that of the Ami instead of Ami 2.  The camera is generally a modernized and simplified original Ami, offering the same performance with a B setting added.

The Ami 66 takes 6×6 cm or 4.5 ×6 (with mask)  exposures on 120 film. It has a simple, meniskus lens 1:8/75mm fix focus, and only one shutter speed,1/50 sec and Bulb mode. Aperture are f/16 for sunny and f/8 for cloudy.

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