Jp's Corina 2

The very last model produced by Druopta Praha. The Corina is a simple plastic camera made by Druopta in (the then) Czechoslovakia. Druopta was a Czech camera maker based in Prague. The Corina was launched in 1967 and ended it’s journey in the 70s.

To take a photo, the lens must be ‘unscrewed’ and the distance (Focal range) depends on how much the lens is actually protruding from the body. On the Corina 2, a flip-up compartment was added for the flash bulb.

The Corina takes 6×6 cm or 4.5 ×6 (with mask)  exposures on 120 film. It has various shutter speeds,1/30, 1/60, 1/125, Bulb setting and aperture are f/16 for sunny and f/8 for cloudy.

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