JP's Sem Colorado

'This is one of the rarest and most expensive 120/620 toy cameras I own. Never ever did see it appear on EBAY. I’ve managed to get this in Japan from another photographer who actually had an exhibition of photos from this camera some time back. Wonder why he was selling it, maybe he had more than one. I guess I was just lucky.

The SEM Colorado is a 620 film camera developed by Atoms in Nice. It was made by S.E.M. in 1963. S.E.M. stands for Societe des Etablissements Modernes and was based in Aurec, France.

The SEM Colorado is made of molded plastic. It has two viewfinders, one for each different format, 16 or 24 photos on the 620 film). A sliding cover to block the viewfinder. There are two apertures (f/11 and f/16), switch located below the lens. The shutter has two speeds (1 / 30 and 1 / 60 second). The camera also has a prevention against accidentally multi-exposures.'


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