Mint RF70 : Loving it?

I was lucky enough to be handed a RF70 for a week of test drive during my recent vacation and wasn't sure what to expect with this kinda bulky, foldable yet cool toy. After the test drive, I'm prepared to sell one of my kidney to buy one soon. Really. This is not a sponsored post nor am I good at doing reviews ... so read at your own risk. :P

Since I've not tried using the Instax Monochrome film, I decided to load up a few packs of expired ones to burn during the trip.

The sexy RF70

I won't go through details of operating the RF70 since they are available online but here are some of my thoughts :

  • It is way lighter than it seems (in photos)
  • Opening and closing the bellow/lens section is pretty easy after maybe 2 attempts. You need to set the focusing ring to infinity before closing it but that comes naturally after a couple of tries.
  • The rangefinder seems good enough despite my fuzzy old eyeballs.
  • Since the focusing/rangefinder is separate from the viewfinder for composting, many times I tend to look into the viewfinder and went, 'Hey! Where's the rangefinder?'. Oh well ... could be my failing memory.
  • Shooting wide open results in softer images but it all seems good from f8 onwards.
  • You will need the ND filters to shoot on brighter days. The RF70 loaned to me didn't come with the filters and I had to skip taking some shots due to the fact that the film having ISO800. Duh! I think the ND filters come free with the camera.
  • It uses 2 AA batteries which is available almost everywhere.
  • Instax Wide film is a good choice instead of those oh-so-little mini ones.
  • I was worried it will go cranky in the cold (below zero) but it worked like a tank!
So simple that my boy can use it!

It took me only maybe 3 shots before I was firing away without having to try remember how to operate the functions! I am a lazy bugger and the Aperture Priority feature was heaven sent!

The first test shot during my trip!

Here are more test shots ...

By the 3rd day I was convinced! I want a RF70! I've not been a big fan of instant cameras even though I've owned several Instax cameras and the Lomography's variations but this ... this RF70 is one fun camera! Well the full manual features are meant for some more professional photographers but to me ... it is a super fun camera!

That's it! My simple 'first look' at this beauty.

Worth buying? Hell yeah!

Now ... anyone wants to buy a kidney?

For those in Singapore who are interested to get one ... check out 8storeytree. I think they do ship overseas too. No ... they ain't buying me beer to write this.

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