Polaroid Challenge #3 - Christmas

The year 2020 has passed so quickly, and Christmas is now just around the corner. Join us in our 3rd Polaroid Challenge! This time round, we're looking for creative ideas to showcase your polaroid photos during the festive season. You can decorate the polaroid with paint, emulsion lift christmas postcards, make a polaroid christmas tree collage... and so on! Unleash your creativity and share your amazing ideas with fellow photographers!  


Join now on Instagram, @8storeytree 
Supported by @polaroid_asia 
Artist @miun 
#PolaroidXMAS #polaroidchallenge

Chance to win :- 

3 Winners : Polaroid Camera Strap Flat - Rainbow Black / White + 2 x 600 Color Polaroid Logo Frame + stickers


How to join :- 

  1. From 11.11.20 to 15.12.20 
  2. Shoot with a Polaroid Camera. 
  3. 'Pimp' up your polaroid photo.
  4. Upload to Instagram (post & instastory) with #polaroidXMAS, #polaroidchallange, #8storeytree
  5. Format of post & instastory may be as videos or photos. 
  6. Tag @8storeytree & @polaroid_asia on post & instastory.
  7. Winners will be notified on @8storeytree.
  8. Submissions may be shared on @8storeytree or @polaroid_asia. 

Criteria :- 

  • Submissions to be before 15.12.20 (23:59)
  • Must be shot with a Polaroid camera & film. 
  • All #hashtag and tags must be correct. 
  • You may share more than 1 idea.
  • *competition is only open for people who reside in Singapore.
  • *Employees and resellers are ineligible for prizes.
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