Disposable Film Cameras Guide (2023)

Disposable cameras are single-use cameras that come pre-loaded with film. They typically have a fixed lens and a limited features, and are usually intended for just one-time use. After the film is used up, the entire camera is usually no longer useable.

We mentioned 'usually' because there have been some cameras released that are preloaded but are designed to be reloadable as well. Example the Lomography Simple Use cameras and the Yashica MF1. Their build is similiar to a disposable camera, but with a 'reloadable' function added in them.

you can check out all the pre-loaded cameras hereWe actually have a comparison tool in our online store. You can add up to 4 of your favourite cameras to check on the differences. 


1. Lomography Simple Use 35mm Film Cameras

Lomography simple use cameras is a no brainer to be ranked first due to their various options and functions. The reloadable feature allows for reusing the camera, and additional features like the color flash and add-on accessories like an underwater casing make the camera even more appealing to reuse. 

There are also various pre-loaded options of films to choose from. Like the Lomochrome films which produce a different spectrum of colours!


2. Polab Goodie Disposable Cameras

As mentioned in our blog 'Choosing a Film Camera'.

Think about which camera you think is cool: Basically, if you think your camera is 'cool', if you really love your camera, it will make you want to use it more, get better at it. This is something important, yet often overshadowed by functionalities.

That's the reason why Polab's Goodie Disposable easily comes in second in our opinion. With most of the other disposable cameras function being very similar and simple, Polab Goodie has taken another approach on it's design. The most common use of the disposable cameras are during travels, and Polab's Goodie has incorporated this idea into their cameras with illustration on their 2 variants of cameras, 'Japan' and 'Hong Kong'. 


 3. Ilford Disposable Cameras

With 100 over years of experience in the black and white film industry, you can definitely expect exceptional quality from Ilford's black and white films that go into their line of disposable cameras. They have a few range of films to choose from, HP5 and XP2, depending on your preferences. Though XP2 is something we'd recommend if you're travelling and want to process the films asap. It's developed in C41, the most common processing method and can be done in most processing labs.


There'll always be new. interesting disposable cameras and obsolete ones that are no longer in production, so do check back on this blog! We'll update it periodically. 


We hope this guide can help you make a better decision!

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