Warranty Process - Polaroid


a) Follow the Polaroid's guide below :

  1. We encourage you to visit https://support.polaroid.com/hc/en-us for self help guide.
  2. Alternatively, you can submit a request via the preset form.
  3. Select the topic that best matches your request and complete the form.
  4. Response time may takes up to 14 working days on busy schedule.
  5. Upon receiving a confirmation on fault and returning to store, please present the confirmation on screen or print to the retail staff.
  6. In any case if you are unable to complete the online form, please email your request to operations-apac@polaroid.com with the following information:
    • Model of faulty product (camera/ film/ accessory);
    • Serial number of Camera (located inside the camera's film door); or Batch number of Film (located at the back bottom of the film);
    • Provide case detail (Descriptions of the fault with photo/video - if any);
    • Copy of purchase receipt (customer).


    b) Upon receiving a confirmation from Polaroid, please bring down the faulty product (including all accessories) with Polaroid's confirmation email to our office at :
    205 Balestier Rd, #02-03
    Singapore 329682


    c) The product will be sent to Polaroid for assessment. Assessment will take estimated 14 days. 



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