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ADOX Color Mission 200 35mm Film

ADOX Color Mission 200 35mm Film

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COLOR MISSION - A new ISO 200 color film from ADOX with a mission

ADOX Color Mission 200 a film with delicately vibrant minty greens, peachy reds, airy grain and a purpose at the core. The name is intentional: these small 35mm rolls are on a big mission to give the analog community a beautiful product, while investing into the future of film research and production, which is one of the most sophisticated challenges in the analog industry.

The first batch of color film has been co-researched with and coated for ADOX by a company which went bankrupt shortly after the first run. Now, ADOX is starting a fully independent R&D for color film, which requires significant investment and profits from Color Misson will go toward funding that endeavor.


  • Film type: Color Print Film
  • C-41 Process
  • Film Format: 35mm
  • Speed: ISO 200/24°
  • Length: 36 Exposures