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Candido 400 35mm Film

Candido 400 35mm Film

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The ultimate companion for capturing your most cherished moments in stunning detail and vibrant colors. Whether you're chasing bright sunsets, early sunrises, or the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean, this film is designed to deliver exceptional results every time.

With its slightly higher ISO, Candido's color film excels in low-light conditions, preserving those unforgettable late-night parties and keeping the energy of the dance floor alive in your photos. No matter the setting, indoors or outdoors, this film ensures your shots retain their natural charm while adding a delightful grainy touch that film enthusiasts adore.

OIn this era where film photography is making a powerful comeback, Candido's color film empowers you to create authentic, eye-catching, and summery vibes on your social media profiles. Your pictures will look ten times better, showcasing the true essence of your experiences.

Are you eager to level up your film photography game? Look no further. This accessible and user-friendly film is perfect for both seasoned photographers and newcomers, enabling everyone to preserve their precious memories in a timeless and nostalgic way. Each shot will tell a unique story, allowing you to rediscover your favorite spots in town and relish every moment captured through Candido's color film.

Embrace the magic of film photography, immerse yourself in the world of vibrant colors, and make your memories everlasting with the help of Candido's color film. The days of mundane snapshots are over; now, you have the power to turn your everyday adventures into cherished masterpieces!

  • Specifications:

      • ISO 400
      • 36 exposures
      • C-41 process