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Candido 800 35mm Film

Candido 800 35mm Film

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For the bright sunsets, the early sunrises, the vibrant ocean shots, and the jaw-dropping memories on your unforgettable days: Candido’s color film is the perfect companion to help you capture all the perfect photos!

Thanks to its slightly higher ISO, this color film can capture better photographs in lower light settings to help you perfectly save those late night walks and the still waters lit by the moon while you and someone special enjoy the setting!

It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and gives you the right grainy look you picked up a film camera for, all without losing any quality or distorting the details of the moment you captured.

AAnd since film is the new trend everyone is raving about, you can make all your social media profiles look 10X better with authentic, colorful, bright, and charming film photographs to give you the summer vibes you’re after.

It’s designed for more difficult low light situations and can be used in many different situations to achieve an endless variety of looks! The image quality is better, it’s more sensitive to light, and you can really bring out the detail in dimly-lit situations using the ISO800 Candido color film!

  • Specifications:

      • ISO 800
      • 36 exposures
      • C-41 process