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Color Polaroid Film for Polaroid I-Type | Color Frame Edition

Color Polaroid Film for Polaroid I-Type | Color Frame Edition

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Our Polaroid Films are kept refrigerated!

Note : Due to the nature of the product (Temp sensitivity, expiry date, etc), we will not be able to accept any returns or exchanges. 

Brighten them up. Fire them up. Spice them up. Make your photos POP with 8 block-colored frames—a colorful, vibrant twist on the classic i-Type white frames.

A new generation of instant film made for our i-Type cameras. The original Polaroid format you love minus the battery, so it’s a little friendlier on the bank account too. Compatible with your Polaroid Now, Lab, or new OneStep camera.

8 instant photographs in the original, iconic Polaroid square format, but finished in a vibrant block color frame.


Color instant film for Polaroid i-Type cameras
8 photos per pack
Colorful frames
ASA: 640
Format: 4.2 x 3.5 in (107 mm x 88 mm)
Image area: 3.1 x 3.1 in (79 mm x 79 mm)
Development time: 10-15 minutes
Not compatible with vintage Polaroid cameras

* Expiry Date of films is 1 year from Production Date