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Thirtysi36 - Developer's Enamel Mugs

Thirtysi36 - Developer's Enamel Mugs

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Photographers can now have a drink while developing films.


Measurements & Specifications

Size: ~8cm x 7.5cm (Height x Diameter)


Material: Enamel with steel rim

- the mugs are non-microwaveable.
- each enamel mugs are hand-made and may differ slightly.


Care for Enamel Mugs

Do not clean your enamelware with vinegar, harsh abrasive materials, or detergents.

Handwash with soap

For everyday cleaning, you may wash by hand with mild dish soap.


Dry your enamel mug thoroughly

After washing, dry mug thoroughly inside and out, to discourage rust and corrosion on exposed metal.