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Film X-Ray Protection Bag (Brown & Black)

Film X-Ray Protection Bag (Brown & Black)

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Note : The effectiveness of any particular lead bag depends on the intensity and electric potential of the X-ray generator, the lead's thickness, and the film speed. The inspection process may be triggered by a lead bag on the scanner screen. In a typical airport surveillance situation, the baggage may be pulled aside for additional inspection.

Anti-x-ray bags are designed only for CARRY-ON Luggage and not intended for use in CHECKED luggage, which is exposed to much higher doses of x-rays. 

  • Protect against fogging/streaking of unprocessed film


  • Holds 25 rolls of 35mm film or 20 rolls of 120 films 
  • Dimensions : 20x28cm


  • Holds 38 rolls of 35mm film or 35 rolls of 120 films
  • Dimensions : 28x28cm