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FilmNeverDie KURO 100 35mm Film

FilmNeverDie KURO 100 35mm Film

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FilmNeverDie is proud to present the new KURO 100 35mm B&W film!

Get your hands on our first batch of 36 exposure, 100 ISO, B&W process film.

FilmNeverDie's  色 / IRO colour film series ( IRO 200 and KIRO 400)  was a resounding success. Building on this we are releasing our new home-branded 35mm film:

黒 / KURO 100 film.

KURO - simply meaning Black in Japanese.  



Film Type: Black and White
Film Format: 
ISO: 1
Development Process: 
B&W 10 mins on D76 20 degree Celsius, more info on this to come in regard on how to tune it to your favourite KURO.