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FilmNeverDie Niji 35mm Film Camera

FilmNeverDie Niji 35mm Film Camera

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Niji Camera

Everyday hundreds and thousands of single-use film cameras ends up going to landfill.

At FilmNeverDie we decided to do something about it. Join us together in 2021, and plays a part in making single-use camera history. 

Introducing our own FilmNeverDie 'Niji' camera! An affordable, reusable film camera! Each Niji Camera you buy will also go help plant a tree. 

Niji simply means rainbow 🌈 in Japanese, it’s time for us all to shower some colour back to Mother Earth as we enjoy our film photography. 


  • 35mm Film
  • Reusable
  • 31mm f/9 fixed lens
  • AAA battery operated flash
  • No DX code


*Samples shot by Hannashootsfilm, Niji Camera | Kodak Gold 200