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MiNT Instantflex TL70 2.0 Eveready Case

MiNT Instantflex TL70 2.0 Eveready Case

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Experience the quality craftsmanship of our artisans firsthand.

The Eveready TL70 takes its cues from the Eveready SX-70 case – an immediately recognizable camera bag from the golden age of Polaroid photography. It provided all around protection for your SX-70 and easy access when the time came to take a photo on the go. Practical and innovative, you were able to take photographs without taking the case off to do so. It helped redefine what a camera bag should be.

The TL70 Eveready is brings the same sensibilities to our TL70 camera – allowing for maximum protection while allowing immediate access when the need arises. We designed this case to be user-friendly and the result is a combination of master craftsmanship and functionality.

Our TL70 Eveready case is made in Japan. Everything from the choice of leather to post-processing, stitching and gold stamping allows you to see and touch the expert work of our Japanese artisans. Everything comes together perfectly to provide your camera the case it deserves.

The TL70 Eveready case fits perfectly on your camera. Easy to handle, this case doesn’t impede your photography in the slightest and its design truly reflects the spirit of instant film photography: to take photos anytime, anywhere.