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Lomography Fritz the Blitz 2.0 Flash Black

Lomography Fritz the Blitz 2.0 Flash Black

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Pick up Lomography’s most powerful flash ever and achieve well-lit photographs using its three power settings!
  • Easy use with any camera with a hot-shoe and tripod thread
  • Lomography’s strongest flash ever
  • Quick recycling times for perfectly lit LomoKino frames
  • Extra bracket for 110 & 35 mm cameras
  • Three distance power settings for more control

This is Lomography’s most powerful flash ever. Three distance power settings give you full control over your flash photography. Includes four color filters for wild flash experimentation. It is compatible with all cameras that have a tripod thread and a hot shoe adapter.

Flash Attack
Fritz the Blitz 2.0 remains Lomography’s strongest flash ever. With 3 power settings and an extra bracket for use with a multitude of different cameras, this is the ultimate accessory for exploring the world of flash photography.

Speed of Light
Fritz the Blitz 2.0 loads at LomoKino speed and ensures all the frames of your films are perfectly lit.

Power Saver
The camera’s flash can turn itself off when not in use, saving your battery power for moments when you need all the light you can get.

Adaptable Accessory
With an extra bracket for 110 & 35 mm cameras, Fritz the Blitz 2.0 makes sure your photographs receive full bursts of light no matter what camera you use. It’s a perfect match for our Diana Baby 110, LC-A+, LC-W, the LomoKino and any other camera with a hot-shoe and tripod thread.

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