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Lomography Lomochrome Purple 100-400 120 Film

Lomography Lomochrome Purple 100-400 120 Film

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2019 Edition Formula

Carefully crafted by color contortionist chemical engineers, the 2019 LomoChrome Purple Film is currently fermenting in a top secret location, maturing to perfection. A delicate balance of the finest photon reactive silver halide crystals, this new formula is composed of an exquisite fusion of special color compounds that will yield tones that flourish and fade. Use it to craft a heady blend of earthy reds, crisp plums and velvety violet notes.

2021 Pétillant Edition Formula

Unique chemical formulas set our LomoChrome color negative films apart. The new 2021 formula of our LomoChrome Purple film is a little pétillant on the nose. You’ll still get the psychedelic purple hues and color-shifting madness, with a sparkling surprise on some frames.

  • Extraordinary effects with #nofilter required
  • Extended ISO 100–400 for extra experimentation
  • An unmistakable aesthetic with fine grain
  • Standard C-41 development process
  • *Depending on your scanning setup, you may see some tiny black dots appear in the lighter parts of your photo


    • For use with medium format cameras
    • Film Type: Color negative
    • Development: C-41
    • Sensitivity: ISO 100 (21°) to ISO 400 (27°)
    • Format: 120 Storage: It is recommended to store the film in a fridge (under 10°C/50°F)