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Lomography Lomourette Half-frame 35mm Camera

Lomography Lomourette Half-frame 35mm Camera

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An analogue love affair, capture 72 irresistible half-frame photos on 35 mm film, anytime, anywhere.
  • Shoot iconic analogue half-frames with superb saturation and dreamy vignettes
  • Compatible with any and all 35 mm film for convenient shooting
  • Save on film and shoot 72 photos per roll of film
  • Craft intriguing narratives through your half-frames
  • Use the flash and colored gel filters for after-dark exploration


Step into a world of endless creativity with the enchanting Lomourette Half-Frame Camera. Crafted to ignite your artistic passion, this petite companion embraces the charm of the 35 mm half-frame format, letting you fully immerse yourself in its allure. With the ability to capture 72 photos on a single film roll, it’s your whimsical confidante, always ready for your next creative escapade. You’ll never have to halt your photographic adventures, one roll lasts forever and you’ve got multiple and long exposures at your disposal for further creation. With the Lomourette, there are no limits to your love affair with photography.

Your Creative Muse

More than just a camera, the Lomourette beckons like a seductive muse, enticing you into the dreamy realm of analogue photography. Its exquisite fusion of vibrant colors and dreamy vignettes transforms every click into a visual love affair. It preserves the gentle caress of a summer breeze, the mesmerizing dance of sunlight on water, and the enigmatic smiles of your loved ones.

A tale of two frames, each half-frame captures a unique fragment of your existence, opening endless possibilities for storytelling. Whether you’re a photography novice or a seasoned pro, the Lomourette invites you to explore the duality of life, embracing contradictions and differences. Create reflections between frames, play with shadows, and compose imaginative diptychs that reveal intriguing narratives.