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Martax Lab

Martax Film Lab - 500T Tungsten Colour 35mm film

Martax Film Lab - 500T Tungsten Colour 35mm film

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  • Recommended overexposing by one stop.

  • Film Sensitivity: 500 ASA  (Artificial Light 3200K)

  • Colored negative film balanced with artificial light.

  • The low freshness of shadows and good peak light reproduction give flexibility to digital color definition.

  • Development Process: Color Negative ECN-2

  • For best results, your film should be stored in the fridge. After shooting, please send in your exposed film for processing as soon as possible, to preserve the highest image quality.

  • Rem-Jet layer NOT removed
  • Film Format: 35mm color negative
  • ISO: 500
  • Process: ECN-2