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Polaroid Go Filters (Set of 3)

Polaroid Go Filters (Set of 3)

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Introducing the first color filter set made exclusively for the Polaroid Go Camera. Simple and easy to use, these filters add new dimensions and colors to your creative photography. Camera not included. Filters only compatible with the Polaroid Go camera.

Go big on color

Paint the town red, blue, and orange with the first color filters made exclusively for the Polaroid Go camera.

Filters: What's the Go?

These filters simply snap onto the front of the Polaroid Go camera, covering both the flash and lens. Each filter captures... well, whatever you're feeling. Warm, intimate close-ups. Abstract, psychedelic snaps. Cold, otherworldly images. See where these filters take you.


  • Set of 3 Color filters for Polaroid Go camera
  • Filter colors: Red, Blue and Orange
  • Material: PMMA (Plexiglas® 8N)
  • Dimensions: 6.92 in (W) x 13.14 in (H) x 34.4 in (L) (17.6 mm (W) x 33.4 mm (H) x 87.4 mm (L))
  • Compatible only with the Polaroid Go camera