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Popho Luminar 100 35mm Film

Popho Luminar 100 35mm Film

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Popho Luminar 100 is an ISO 100 speed daylight-balanced color negative film stock is a respooled Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460 color negative aerial photography film*. The film offers medium saturation and contrast and is well-suited for landscape and other general photographic applications. This film also exhibits warm tones, enhanced red sensitivity, and a wide dynamic range. The film is factory spooled into a recyclable plastic cassette and can be developed with the standard C-41 process. 


  • Features

    • 100 ISO Color Negative Film
    • Outstanding sharpness from ultra fine grain structure
    • Wide dynamic range
    • 35mm format, 36exp.
    • Standard C-41 photo lab processing
    • Factory spooled on recyclable plastic cassette.
    • Daylight balanced


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Luminar 100 a brand new emulsion?

A: Popho Luminar 100 is a respooled Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460 color negative aerial photography film*. Popho did not manufacture this film.

Q: Is Luminar 100 respooled from old expired film?

A: No, Luminar 100 have a two years shelf life.

Q: Is Luminar 100 hand spooled?

A: No, Luminar 100 is machine spooled by our manufacturing partner.

Q: Where can Luminar 100 be processed?

A: Luminar 100 can be process in any lab or home lab capable of C-41 standard development process.

Q: Is there DX code on Luminar 100 cassette?

A: Currently no, we are planning on adding DX code in the near future.