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Psychedelic Blues

Psychedelic Blues 400/200 A 120 Film (Expiry 02/2024)

Psychedelic Blues 400/200 A 120 Film (Expiry 02/2024)

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Psych Blues 400 A is the first 120 film in the Psych Blues family!

This is on the more mellow side of Psych Blues experimental film. There are red and blue light leaks throughout the roll, sometimes mixing together to make a nice pink, and a few spots of green light.

The look of this film can really change depending on lighting conditions and what you’re metering for. If you’d like a heavier effect, shoot it in lower light or meter for your highlights. If you want something more mellow, shoot it in bright sunlight or try metering for the shadows. If you prefer to put your camera on auto and not think about metering, that’s cool too, the film will still produce some fun results.


  • Fresh rolls of Kodak Portra 400 fogged by hand
  • 120 size film
  • 400 ISO
  • 12 exposures (for 6x6)
  • C41 Process 
  • Made in USA

            LAB PROCESSING WARNING: Due to the SPECIAL EFFECTS applied to PSYCHEDLIC BLUES film, film processing labs may have to MANUALLY SCAN the film. This may result in extra charges.


            Please read! This is an experimental film. The effects on any pre-exposed film can be unpredictable, but psyblues have put many hours of research and development into the rolls they make, and believe they're consistent enough to sell. This film can definitely enhance your images, but it can also yield undesirable results depending on your taste and preferences.

            All films are regular color negative film (C41) and can be developed by any photo lab that processes color film.