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RetoColor Bling-Bling 35mm Disposable Camera

RetoColor Bling-Bling 35mm Disposable Camera

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Retocolor Bling-Bling 35mm Disposable Film Camera with 27 exposures, which carries a light retro edge, can lead you to this nostalgia era once again. Paired with the funky pre-exposed patterns and the flashing camera outlook, Bling-Bling adds a drop of aesthetic for any occasion or party. The camera is equipped with a built-in flash and a pre-loaded ISO400 film in 27 exposures.



  • Single-use

  • 35MM Color Negative Film; 27 EXP

  • Color Negative; C-41 Processing

  • ISO : 400

  • Built-in Flash

  • 1*AA Alkaline Battery Included