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Rollei Infrared 120 Film

Rollei Infrared 120 Film

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The Rollei INFRARED is perfect for infrared photography, e.g. for photographs with the unmistakable “wood effect”. A highly sensitive, hyper-panchromatically sensitized black-and-white film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200/24° to 400/27°.

Rollei INFRARED is a hyperpanchromatic black-and-white negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200/24° to 400/27° up into the infrared range (650 – 750nm). It is cast on a crystal-clear, synthetic carrier, which makes it very suitable for developing as a slide. This film is characterized by its high resolving power, finest grain, and high edge sharpness. It is easy to handle and can be exposed with or without an infrared filter. Without an infrared filter, Rollei INFRARED acts like an ordinary, high-sensitivity black-and-white film. However, if an infrared filter is used, highly creative results can be achieved.