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Rollei Retro 400S 120 Film

Rollei Retro 400S 120 Film

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Highly sensitive, panchromatic black-and-white negative film, with high sharpness performance on a transparent carrier. It is a reliable film, even under changing light conditions (Available Light photography).

With a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27°, Rollei Retro 400S is a highly sensitive black-and-white film. Despite its high sensitivity it can be easily pushed to ISO 800/30°. It also performs well and reliably in borderline areas such as available light photography.


  • Panchromatically sensitized
  • ISO 400/27° from 380 to 730 nm spectral sensitivity
  • Resolution Contrast 1000 : 1 = 160 lp/mm
  • Fine grain | Granularity RMS (× 1000) = 11
  • Coating thickness of 10 mμ
  • Unrestricted use in daylight as well as in artificial light
  • Very good tone reproduction
  • Very good maximum blackness (D-Max)