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Rollei RPX 100 120 Film (Expiry 09/2024)

Rollei RPX 100 120 Film (Expiry 09/2024)

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A balanced mix of sensitivity and fine grain. In addition, there is the excellent sharpness performance and the very wide exposure latitude. These are the advantages of the RPX 100.

With a nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21°, the Rollei RPX 100 is a medium-speed black-and-white negative film with fine grain, which ensures high edge sharpness. For brilliant results with a wide tonal range – ideal for bright light conditions. The Rollei RPX 100 behaves excellently in overexposure or underexposure thanks to its optimum exposure latitude of up to 2 f-stops.


  • Panchromatic sensitized (high silver contet) 
  • Resolving power contrast 1000:1 = 160 lines/mm
  • Very fine grain - grain size RMS (× 1000) = 7
  • Layer thickness of 7 mμ
  • Very good sound reproduction
  • Good pull-push characteristics, from 50 to 200 ISO with minor adjustment of development times
  • Very good maximum blackness (D-Max)
  • Optimal flatness
  • Triacetate base (120 mμ) with a light mask