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Rollei SuperPan 200 120 Film

Rollei SuperPan 200 120 Film

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High-sensitivity black-and-white negative and slide film, which is ideal for taking pictures of versatile and high-contrast subjects. It is especially powerful in low light conditions. A reliable all-rounder!

With a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200/24°, SUPERPAN 200 is a high-sensitivity, superpanchromatic black-and-white film that can be pushed up to ISO 400/27°. With an extended red range up to 750 nanometers, it can also be used as an infrared film (in combination with an infrared filter). The emulsion has an integrated antihalation layer. Very good sharpness performance. an optimal sensitivity utilization with wide exposure latitude and fine grain distinguish it.


  • Panchromatic sensitized 
  • ISO 200/24° ± 1 f-stop
  • Resolving power = 180 lp/mm
  • Extra fine grain - grain size RMS (× 1000) = 14
  • Layer thickness of 10 mμ
  • Wide exposure latitude (between 125 and 250 ISO)
  • Extended infrared range up to 750nm
  • Due to the lower blue sensitivity of the emulsion, direct flash images are less sensitive (This specification is based on using a direct flash with a color temperature of about 6500 K)
  • Very good tone reproduction
  • Very good maximum blackness
  • Good pull-push properties
  • Application as b/w slide film possible due to the crystal clear PET base material
  • Film base PET 100 micron
  • Special coating to improve transport properties in cameras
  • Optimal flatness • Use in daylight as well as in artificial light