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Santa Film

SantaColor 100 35mm Film

SantaColor 100 35mm Film

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SantaColor 100 is a freshly made 100 ISO colour negative film compatible with the normal C41 process.

As this is not a movie film, it does not have any special (remjet) backing and can therefore easily be processed at any lab around the world, or at home. The different base also changes the results of the photos slightly. Finally, it is very colour accurate and has exceptionally fine grain and detail - it can also be pushed to 800 ISO for slightly more contrast-y, but beautiful results.


  • Name: SantaColor 100
  • Film type: Colour negative, air surveillance
  • Film speed: 100 ISO
  • Colours: Highly colour accurate with slightly increased red sensitivity. When scanned, typically on the warmer side and sometimes on the redder side. 
  • Grain: Very fine, but made to create very sharp pictures as it is an air surveillance film
  • Exposure latitude: Wide, with acceptable results from 25 ISO to 800 ISO (with pulling and pushing)
  • Manufacturing: Freshly made in 2022, in the USA and hand spooled in Finland
  • DX coding: No, but most cameras with DX readers default to ISO 100 - the film is therefore totally useable in Point and shoot cameras.


The films are respooled into recycled canisters. Batches may be susceptible to slight light leaks. No Dx-Code.