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Splitzer for Polaroid Now Camera

Splitzer for Polaroid Now Camera

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Splitzer for the Polaroid Now Camera. (camera not included)

What's a Splitzer?
An image splitter or 'Splitzer' is an device that is fitted usually on the camera lens, partially covering it. The covered portion will not be exposed on the film on the initial exposure. This enables more creativity and control when using the double /multi exposure functions.

3D Printed Option

The item will be 3D printed and made. 

Note : some parts are 3D printed plastic (FDM), and will have visible layer lines and minor comestic flaws.


STL File Option

This is for an printable STL file download, if you have your own 3D printer or have access to 1. 

3D Printing Settings

Model can be layed flat, no supports required. A foam tape / light seal (1.5mm) is used to minimise accidental scratches to the camera.


Note : Copyrights for STL file. Printed products and files cannot be sold or redistributed.

To understand more on copyrights of digital STL files.