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Hands on Film

Hands On Film - Upcycled Disposable Camera

Hands On Film - Upcycled Disposable Camera

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Supposedly single-use cameras comes to life again! Join us in our effort to keep film photography sustainable!

Art work by @Heycyann

Camera is loaded with Summer 400 with 36 exposures.

What’s in the box:

  • Upcycled camera loaded with Summer 400, 36 exposures
  • Camera Pouch
  • Stickers!!
  • Instructions manual



*some cameras will have the starting counter at “5” instead of “36”. Please see below! - the original upcycled camera was 27 exposures only. - counter goes descending order “5,4……1,0…..27,26……” - use flash for cloudy, indoor, night settings!!

*upcycled cameras are random in 'shape', from various used disposable cameras.